Affiliate Program

How It Works
As an affiliate, you’ll set up and share unique links or coupon codes (your choice) where you’ll earn up to 10% commission on all DUNKAHILL orders placed. It is simple and easy to use: spread the word on your social media, website, and more to start earning now.
You Will Benefit
Our affiliate team is ready to walk you through every step of the way and offer tutorials to get you off on the right foot. Check out some of our program highlights:
• Access to images, banners, and links for all product pages, social media, sales & offers to share the profit
• Up to 15% starting commission, monthly retainer provided and free product
• 100% DUNKAHILLaffiliate team support and 60 day cookie tracking
What To Know
First, sign up! Once registered and approved, you'll receive access to the dashboard to create links to direct your family, friends and followers to DUNKAHILL. Second, make sure you have a Paypal account. To receive payouts, you must have a PayPal account and add it to your profile.